Reading Borough Council Update on Local and National Childcare

Reading Borough Council Update on Local and National Childcare for Parents:

Additional 15 hours or the 30 hours Entitlement – September 2017   


From September 2017 the Government is launching its extended early years offer for eligible working families. This will mean eligible working families could double their early years entitled to a further 15 hours a week. The full criteria can be found here on the Reading Borough Council Family Information Site:

Please note that not all providers will be able offer the full extended entitlement, they may be limited by their building design, opening times, staffing or simply that they are full to their capacity.  You will be able to split your funding between a max of 3 providers but no more than 2 on 1 day, therefore you may wish to look at solutions such as shared care and wrap around care to enable you to take up the extended entitlement.

We have attended the first ‘Briefing for Childcare Providers in Reading’ and the pre-school is likely to take part in this extended offer by providing a limited numbers of places. We will keep you updated on this.

Tax Free Childcare Scheme – Early 2017


From early 2017, the Government are rolling out the introduction of the ‘Tax-Free Childcare Scheme’. It will replace the existing Childcare Voucher Scheme in April 2018. You do not have to switch to Tax-Free Childcare if you do not wish to. Employer-Supported Childcare will continue to run. The current scheme will remain open to new entrants until April 2018, and parents already registered by this date will be able to continue using it for as long as their employer offers it. For more information about the new scheme, please visit:

Here is a link to a useful childcare calculators to work out what the best option is for you:

Parents will be able to apply for both the 30-hour scheme and the Tax-Free Childcare scheme through a joint online application being developed by HMRC, as the eligibility requirements for both schemes are aligned.

Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) 


If you are in receipt of certain benefits, the pre-school may be entitled to claim an additional funds to enhance the education offered to your child.  The full criteria can be found on the Reading Borough Council Family information Site:

Are you applying for a school place? If your child is eligible for EYPP it may increase your chances of getting a place at your preferred primary school as EYPP eligibility is part of the admissions policy for community primary schools in Reading.  For more information on admissions please visit the Reading Borough Council website: