What parents think about our Pre-School

This is feedback we have received from parents either spontaneously or via questionnaires we have issued. 

Gemma (July 2015)
“Thank you so much for our child’s wonderful experience at Micklands Pre-School.  She has grown so much under your care and has had the best start to her early years education we could have wished for.  She truly has had a great year with you all.” 

Rhiannon (July 2015)
“A huge thank you for providing such an excellent experience for our child at pre-school.  She has loved Micklands and has felt safe, secure and stimulated.” 

Meenal (July 2015)
“I would like to express a huge thank you for all your hard work. I cannot tell you enough how happy I am to leave our sons in your care.  I know every first time parent probably feels the same but your are such an amazing team of teachers and it shows!”

Rebecca (November 2014)
“My two year old son started pre-school in September 2014 for two afternoons a week and we were nervous about him starting as he can be shy. From the moment his key persons came to our home to meet him, I felt instantaneously at ease. They genuinely cared about his individual nature and helped us to work out the best way of settling him in. He now rushes in excited to start his pre-school session and happily talks a lot about pre-school at home. We have seen him grow in confidence and sociability and are really happy with Micklands Pre-School.” 

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Laura (October 2014)
“I am very happy that the grounds are set in a beautiful, quiet location with excellent security. Staff are second to none, highly organised and they have complete transparency when it comes to communication and the welfare of the children who attend.”

Gemma (October 2014)
“The staff are friendly, always approachable and give constant feedback on our child’s progress.  We regularly receive a scrapbook filled with detailed descriptions and photos of the activities  they have been participating in. The dedication of the staff  is second to none and I only have positive things to say about the pre-school.”

Katie (April 2014)
  ” I have been so happy with our decision to send our daughter to Micklands Pre-School. She has built so much confidence in her social skills and also in her physical ability. I love the scrapbooks that give us information about her time at Pre-School and I can tell by what is written that the teachers really know my little girl! The events that are arranged are fantastic and the website is brilliant for keeping parents updated with photos following events. The team of staff are excellent and she has loved everyday since starting!” 

Ifeoma (April 2014)
  “I wanted to let you know that my daughter is enjoying every minute of her time at Micklands Pre-School. She particularly loves being outdoors and role play, both of which are strongly encouraged. As parents, we are impressed by the individualised care and attention to detail you offer. Our daughter’s scrapbook demonstrates the variety of activities available, the fun she has, as well as the way the staff link these into the EYFS. It is fantastic to have it all in one place as a lasting keepsake. As a team,we thank you for always being helpful and friendly as well as actively seeking to engage us in our daughter’s learning journey, for example Valentine’s Day Celebrations and the Nativity Play.”

Caroline (April 2014)
“My daughter has been attending Micklands Pre-School since she was just 2½ years old.  She won’t start school until she is 5 so will be at Pre-School for a while yet.  She is always so excited to go there and often chats away about her carers there in the evenings or at weekends.  The team at Micklands do a fantastic job, and as a full-time working mother, I know that she is in excellent hands when she gets dropped off there each morning.  I don’t know of many other Pre-Schools in the area that take their children on so many trips either, which is fantastic for the children!  Her progress is constantly monitored in a book with photos and comments that gets sent home so I can see what she has been up to and how she is doing.  I couldn’t recommend it enough!”


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Jeni (April 2014)
  “I have been extremely impressed with Micklands Pre School. Every single member of staff has a genuine interest in my son and his progress at Pre-School. They have a very calming manner when you talk to them about any issue and are always very helpful with giving advice and suggestions.  My son gets very excited about going to Pre-School – mainly because he never knows what new activities are going to be there for him when he gets there. Just little things reinforce learning such as the “Love Lunch” and “Mother’s Day Tea” and ensure us parents take extra time to just spend talking with our children which in a busy world sometimes (wrongly) gets overlooked.

The website is very informative.  Everything you need to know about Pre-School is on there.  It is also kept up to date all the time.  I particularly like the news and events section so I know what is coming up (so I can prepare my son) and after the event there are always photos.  This is just lovely to see as you see them doing things they wouldn’t get the chance to at home and also being independent.”

Sally (April 2014)
  “When the time came to decide which Pre-School my precious little lady would go to I was full of confusion and also worry!  I did not feel ready for my daughter to go off into the world and attend a Pre-School on a regular basis. When I visited Micklands and was shown around by Emma, I no longer had any fears and I was very excited for my daughter that she would spend her days in this wonderful setting.  Emma and the team seemed so full of energy, the Pre-School was colourful and full of exciting things to play with and above all, it felt like a kind, caring and happy place where my daughter could still have a cuddle if she wanted one.

All of my initial thoughts were shown to be true and she has enjoyed every minute at Pre-School, as have I when  I have come along to play with her.  This Pre-School is testament to Emma and the team who are just wonderful and work so hard for the children and to make it a special place for them. The activities and outings my daughter has been part of have been thoroughly enjoyed and are the envy of my postnatal group and I often hear “our pre-school doesn’t do that” which just makes me feel very happy that ours does.
I would have no hesitation to send my younger son to Micklands Pre-School as I know that it has really helped my daughter on her step and transition into school life.