What parents think about our Pre-School

This is feedback we have received from parents either spontaneously or via questionnaires we have issued. 

Hazel (December 2018)
“The two things that stand out for me are that I feel ‘welcome’ and ‘involved’. I feel welcome because the staff are always friendly and always make time to talk in person or by e-mail.  I fell involved because the pre-school seem to value my opinion and invite all members of the family to participate where possible.” 

Roxana (December 2018)
“From the early days I was so reassured to see that my son is well looked after, supported and cared for. The staff at Micklands are friendly and they develop  meaningful connections with the children. They are experienced, knowledgeable and quick to understand a child’s personality traits and adapt the educational environment to support their unique strengths. The staff at Micklands Pre-School go above and beyond to ensure that children are safe, that they always have access to creative learning and growing opportunities, and that they are supported to play freely and expand their imagination. Thank you for everything that you are doing for our child.  He often mentions with a smiley face the people who look after him, as they have made an emotional impact on him and he is feeling secure in their presence. “

John (December 2018)
“The variety of activities is very good.  The outdoor area is very well set up and encourages the children to be active outside.  Our child is always happy to come to pre-school.  He has settled well and made new friends in the short time he has been with you. We appreciate the feedback and photos posted on Tapestry by the staff and we also try to share our observations when our child is at home. “

Lisa (November 2018)
“We are delighted with Micklands Pre-School.  It is a warm and friendly environment.  When I drop my child off in the morning, I feel confident she will be safe and well cared for.  The staff are dedicated and hardworking.” 

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Christine (November 2018)
“Micklands is an extremely caring environment.  The staff all take the time to get to know the children and do a very detailed handover and ‘settling in’ session.  Staff are highly professional at all times and this, coupled with the caring style, makes it a wonderful nursery.”

Kelly(November 2018)
“My daughter abosultely loves pre-school and all her teachers, she gets really excited to see them!” 

Mel(November 2018)
“My daughter always syas she has fun, she is always telling me a new song or dance she has learned.  The pre-school is very friendly and caring. such a diverse group of staff make all welcome.” 

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Candi (November 2018)
“Micklands Pre-School is truly unique in how far they go to give our child open ended. fun and child-led opportunities for learning.  Our daughter feels loved and secure, and we feel confident that she is getting the best care” 

Steph (November 2018)
“I feel that you really care for my child and give lots of praise for every little achievement she makes.” 

Katie (June 2018)
“What I would say to others is that I am lucky to have childcare that really cares and knows my son, and allows him his individuality.”